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Our Activated Charcoal WhiteningTooth Polish has been formulated sourcing only the finest natural ingredients to provide a gentle yet powerful whitening Tooth Polish that will naturally remove stains, clean, polish + whiten's your smile while replenishing lost minerals.

We have used essential oils of spearmint and lemon myrtle to give a fresh flavour while helping to combat bacteria that can cause bad breath.

The Activated Charcoal used is 100% natural and sourced from coconut husks and has been blended with only two other ingredients and essential oils: Bentonite Clay, Turmeric and oils of Spearmint, Lemon Myrtle and Clove. The ingredients have been chosen for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties.   

DIRECTIONS: Wet toothbrush and dip the tip of bristles into powder. Brush in small circles for a few minutes. Keep your mouth closed while brushing….charcoal can be messy and will stain light coloured clothing. Spit out and rinse well.  

TIP: you can add a little coconut oil to your toothbrush then dip in the powder for added cleaning benefits. 

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Shell Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Tumeric, Oils of Spearmint, Lemon Myrtle, Clove     


Product Weight: 25g