Ultra light vitamin serum with strawberry seed + kangaroo flower

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This beautiful light weight serum has been blended using powerful Bio-active Native Australian Extracts and nourishing oils to be proactive against the aging process while nourishing your skin and helping to combat free radicals.   

DIRECTIONS: On freshly cleansed skin, mist your face with toner. Add a few drops of Serum to your fingertips and evenly spread over your moist skin using an upward motion. If you have dry skin, you can follow with a moisturiser also.

INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHTS: POMEGRANITE OIL Protects skin against UVB damage and assists with repairing sun damaged and aging skin by extending the life of the fibroblasts that are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. This assists with plumping the skin, maintaining elasticity and minimising wrinkles. It has excellent moisturising, protective and nourishing properties and it is wonderful for mature and aging skin as it soothes dry and irritated conditions. It has a high amount of conjugated fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. The specific acid found in pomegranate seed oil is Punicic Acid. It is renowned to assist with collagen production as it acts as a free radical scavenger and boosts restoration and repair of the skin.

KANGAROO FLOWER Potent antioxidant and assists with skin hydration. Assists with diminishing oxidative stress induced tissue damage. Contains ferulic acid that acts as a photoprotective agent and anti-aging activity. Contains sugar alcohols deoxy glucitol that assists with cooling the skin and acts as a humectant by reducing transepidermal water loss. 

VITAMIN A assists the cells in reproducing normally. It promotes the formation of new skin cells and stimulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands without creating over activity. It assists with clearing acne and is beneficial to damaged and dry skin as it as healing and hydrating properties. It is important for the integrity and the health of the cell plasma membrane. As it is fat soluble, it can enter the cell and prevent oxidative stress by neutralizing free radical and providing protection. Helps cell reproduction, encourages healthy skin, promotes wound healing and aids growth and development. 

STRAWBERRY SEED OIL penetrates quickly carrying potent gamma tocopherol, alpha-linoleic and oleic fatty acids deep into the dermal layers of your skin. These natural antioxidants excel in scavenging free radicals. Antioxidants protect your skin cells by attaching themselves to free radicals, thereby disarming them. Unchecked free radicals attack and destroy your healthy cells. 

FULL INGREDIENT LIST: Camellia (camellia sinensis) oil, Jojoba (simmondsia chinenis) oil, Sweet almond (prunis dulcis) oil, Pomegranite (punica grantum) oil, Strawberry seed (fragaria ananas) oil, Kangaroo flower extract, Lilly pilly extract, Glycerine (palm free), Evening primrose (oenothera biennis) oil, Rosehip (rosa canina) oil, Vanilla bean extract, Olive oil, Kakadu Plum Extract, Quandong Fruit Extract, Rose bulgarian, COQ10, Vitamin A, Vitimin E natural


Suitable for all skin types, however if you have extremely sensitive and allergic skin we recommend that you do a patch test for compatibility prior to using any new product.


Product Weight: 30ml