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When you need a little extra calm.....Peace Out Roll On is a blend of calming, soothing and relaxing essential oils blended into a certified organic base. The oil blend may assist in preparing the body for sleep and promoting peace and tranquility. This blend is a natural way to still the mind and promote relaxation.

DIRECTIONS: Apply when needed to touch points such as the back of neck, wrists + feet Can be used daily, in times of stress and every day life. Also great to apply just before bed.

INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHTS: Lavender is known universally as a healing herb as it works to regulate sebum production, fosters the regeneration of new skin cells, and soothes inflamed skin. Known to be cooling, healing and tonic, lavender is both relaxing and revitalising for your body and mind. It is a adaptogen, which means that it works with your body’s specific needs, adapting itself to be soothing or revitalising as needed. 

Cedarwood essential oil can induce total body relaxation while gently ridding your mind of intrusive thoughts.

FULL INGREDIENT LIST: Sunflower Seed oil, Glycine Soja oil, Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E, Lavender, Marjorana leaf oil, Cedarwood bark oil


Product Weight: 12 ml