I am obsessed with my SEVENTEEN70/BOTANICALS candles!!! They all smell and look divine. Even when not lit they are beautiful, smell delicious, and are the perfect styling item. They are also the perfect gift. I recently ordered some for mothers day (making sure I got one too!) They are the perfect teachers gift or Kris Kringle item, or present. My children are obsessed with collecting the crystals. There's nothing more relaxing than a hot bath with one of these candles. Bliss!!


OMG, the prettiest candles. I purchased the Kakadu plum, it's just divine!!!


Absolutely beautiful products.
We've used the scrubs, face masks and deodorant and they all smell and feel amazing. The deodorant keeps a summer sweat smell away all day ! 
Great job!


Simply beautiful products without all the nasty chemicals. Do yourself a favour & try some , love the natural deodorant! The bath salts ... bliss


I absolutely cannot get enough of these candles! They not only look beautiful, they smell gorgeous as well. Cant wait to try them all. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Claire Wilson